Willkommen an der Yokohama Internationalen Oberschule

The Yokohama Senior High School of International Studies (YIS) is a unique high school in Kanagawa. As befits a school with 'International' in its title, its focus is firmly on looking outward to the world. Students study two foreign languages- English along with one other from a broad range that includes French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Arabic and Korean. Of course, the students are both interested in and talented at the study of foreign languages. But more than that, they share a collective motivation to learn, and if possible experience, the different cultures, lifestyles and ways of thinking that abound in the world. The students are intelligent, inquisitive and eager to increase their knowledge and understanding of this world, making them ideally placed to take an active role in the globalised 21st century. If one phrase characterises the nature of the students at YIS, it is that they are self-motivated. The students are not content just to receive information passively from their teachers and memorise it for entrance exams; they engage with the teaching material and with the teachers, ask questions, push their knowledge and research topics by themselves with real energy and enthusiasm.

They really show that enthusiasm to learn at a special 4-day English Camp for 1st grade students which takes place every year in July. Over an incredibly busy 7 weeks they prepare and memorise songs and plays (written by the students themselves, of course all in English), as well as make sets and costumes. At the end they put on a quite amazing show of organisation, language skill and performance ability in front of 150 of their peers.
They also show that enthusiasm in their organisation and participation in numerous homestays, both by students from other countries and when they go abroad themselves to China, Germany, France, Spain, the USA, Australia and many other places across the world.

Of course, with all this activity in foreign languages and culture, it would be easy to think that there is no time for most of the regular high school activities. Not so! The YIS students throw their energy into sports club activities, including lacrosse and cheerleading, and arts activities including flower arranging, Chinese dancing and flamenco, and they also find time to have an exciting school festival (bunkasai)!

The energy, intelligence, hard work and passion for learning at the school makes it a really exciting place to be. If YIS students are the future of Japan, then the future is in good hands!

Douglas (English teacher at the YIS)



Yokohama Internationale Oberschule

Die Yokohama Inter-
nationale Oberschule existiert erst seit dem 1. 4. 2008, entstanden durch den Zusam-
menschluss zwischen der Gaigo und der Oberschule in Mutsu-
kawa. Die Inhalte dieser Webseite präsentieren haupt-
sächlich die Aktivitäten an der früheren Gaigo.